Who could say no to expressing themselves with sass and class? The Vintage Sass cross stitch pattern collection is perfect for your home or as a gift! Inspired by the popular trends of vintage illustrations, beautiful calligraphy, and sassy quotes, these patterns are modern with a vintage twist. Whether you stitch these cross stitch patterns for your home or for the office, these are guaranteed to generate a lot of laughter and discussion! Express yourself today with a bit of Vintage Sass!


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Stitch Drink Wine inspirational cross stitch pattern

Stitch & Drink Wine Cross Stitch Pattern

Stitch, drink wine, and be happy are inscribed in this inspirational cross stitch pattern — focus on the important things in life.


So Much Nope vintage cross stitch pattern

So Much Nope Cross Stitch Pattern

This elegant vintage cross stitch pattern is inspired by antique French illustrations, but there’s nothing antique about the quote!


Sexy Chick retro cross stitch pattern

Sexy Chick Cross Stitch Pattern

Inspired by a vintage illustration, this sweet little retro cross stitch pattern is perfect for any home decor or office.


Sarcasm fun cross stitch pattern

Sarcasm Cross Stitch Pattern

This fun cross stitch pattern reminds you that sarcasm is the perfect answer to any stupid question you may get asked.


No More Ducks cross stitch pattern funny needlepoint

No More Ducks Cross Stitch Pattern

If you are tired, stressed, and just don’t care anymore, this slightly subversive cross stitch pattern will make a cheeky addition to any home decor.


Miserable Cow funny cross stitch pattern

Miserable Cow Cross Stitch Pattern

This funny cross stitch pattern can help remind you to be a sparkly unicorn, not a miserable cow.


Just Say No funny cross stitch pattern

Just Say No Cross Stitch Pattern

This elegant and funny cross stitch pattern is perfect for making you laugh at home, or as a tongue-in-cheek new “rule” for the office.


Get Ducked cross stitch pattern funny needlepoint

Get Ducked Cross Stitch Pattern

Bring out your cheeky side with this tongue-in-cheek subversive cross stitch pattern. The Get Ducked pattern is a sassy blend of modern and retro.


Maybe Wine Will Help wine cross stitch pattern

Maybe Wine Will Help Cross Stitch Pattern

If you’re drowning in a sea of stress and the daily grind is getting to you, the Maybe Wine Will Help fun cross stitch pattern will pick you right back up!


That's What She Said vintage cross stitch pattern

That’s What She Said Cross Stitch Pattern

Show off your sassy side with this stunning project! This beautiful cross stitch pattern is reminiscent of a vintage cross stitch.


Get Ducks cross stitch pattern set funny needllepoint

Get Ducks Cross Stitch Pattern Set

If you’re just fresh out of ducks and need some more, then this funny needlepoint set is perfect for you!


Drink Wine cross stitch set

Drink Wine Cross Stitch Pattern Set

If you love to come home after a hard day at work and enjoy a lovely glass of wine, these wine cross stitch patterns will inspire you to relax all day long!