Cross stitch gridding with fishing line
with 8 Comments

If you’ve ever seen a picture of what looks like thread running in a grid on a cross stitch project, it’s likely that the stitcher did their gridding with fishing line or something similar. Using fishing line is great as it won’t … Read More

Top 10 Cross Stitch Tips
with 16 Comments

Want to learn to cross stitch like a pro? Have a look at this list and see if you know all these cross stitch tips and tricks that experienced stitchers live by! You’ll not only end up with a nicer finished … Read More

Gridding fabric for cross stitch
with 10 Comments

Recently I was online in one of the Facebook cross stitch groups I belong to, and a woman was having issues figuring out how to grid her fabric in order to be able to do bigger patterns. I’d never really … Read More

The parking method: cross stitch tutorial
with 2 Comments

The parking method can be a great way to keep yourself organized and on track while you’re stitching. Most people who come across the parking method fall into one of two categories. They’ve either never heard of it, or they … Read More

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