Oil & Acrylic Canvas Paper Review
with 2 Comments

Canvas paper is a very interesting substrate that is designed for oil and acrylic paintings, but it’s one that I hadn’t heard about until recently. As may have been obvious in my recent Instagram and Facebook posts, I’ve been experimenting … Read More

The (in)accessibility of art retreats
with 4 Comments

This has been a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while, and it all finally came bubbling to the surface the last week or so. I’ve been seeing so many amazing posts and articles and emails from fellow artists … Read More

Why Instagram might be hurting your art business
with 22 Comments

As an artist and designer, for over seven years I have been working on developing my designs, and sharing my work with people who will enjoy it and want to bring it into their homes (whether that’s via stitching patterns … Read More

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