Welcome to Peacock & Fig's stitching classes! I'm Dana Batho, cross stitch and hand embroidery designer of Peacock & Fig, and I can't wait to help you level up your stitching skills! If you’re a new stitcher you’ll learn how relaxing it is to have a needle and thread in your hand, and you'll get lots of helpful tips and tricks based on my years of designing and teaching stitching to millions of happy stitchers. These classes are hosted on Skillshare, see below for more details. All the classes include a free PDF pattern to work from, as well as lots of stitchy resources. As more classes are created, they'll be added to this page. Happy stitching!




Hand embroidery fundamentals floral monogram hoop

Learn the fundamentals of hand embroidery such as the basic materials you'll need, how to transfer your design to your fabric, and how to stitch up and finish your floral monogram hoop. I will teach you three basic hand embroidery stitches so you can create a gorgeous little project for yourself or to gift to a loved one. The skills you will learn in this class are important because they will give you a strong foundation for getting started with hand embroidery.




Cross stitch fundamentals stitching class

Ever wanted to learn how to cross stitch in one easy class, without bouncing around to a bunch of different individual tutorials? This class will teach you how to stitch up this lovely cross stitch "Love" hoop. You'll learn fundamental skills such as selecting your materials, preparing to stitch and how to read your pattern. You'll also learn three methods to anchor your floss, how to make the basic cross stitch, and tips and tricks along the way. 




cross stitch backstitch stitching class

Have you always been intimidated by backstitch, or you're not even sure where to start with it? Learn how to backstitch like a boss with the pretty "Joy" cross stitch hoop. You'll get a quick review of how to cross stitch, as well as learning what backstitch is, how to read it on your pattern, as well as how to do short and long runs of backstitch. Backstitch is a fundamental skill for cross stitchers, and is found in many beginner patterns and most intermediate cross stitch patterns. Now you can finally learn how to tackle almost any cross stitch pattern, and stitch up this lovely cross stitch hoop in the process. The PDF pattern is included in the class.




Couching beading cross stitch class

If you've ever looked at couching or beading and thought it looked wayyy too complicated to do, have no fear! In this class, you'll learn how to use these wonderfully versatile techniques which can be applied to both cross stitch and hand embroidery. Using the included "Pomegranate" cross stitch pattern, you will learn the basics of couching (which is often seen in goldwork embroidery), and you'll also learn all the tips and tricks you'll need to become a master at beading. If you're brand new to cross stitch, it's recommended to do the Cross Stitch Fundamentals and Intermediate Cross Stitch classes first. Get ready to add bling to your project, let's get started!




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What is Skillshare?

Skillshare has over 20,000 amazing classes on it, and many of them are creative classes (knitting, stitching, crochet, painting, drawing, etc). If you aren’t already a Skillshare member, you can get 2 months for FREE through my links! Woohoo! If you aren’t hooked on Skillshare after you take my classes, you can always cancel your membership before the 2 months is up. But trust me, you will love it, I've taken some amazing classes on Skillshare myself. I hope you enjoy the classes!! 💙


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