Welcome to the Peacock & Fig Stitchaganza event!


Get ready for an event that’s celebrating Black Friday, Peacock & Fig’s 6th birthday, and the fact that 2020 has been quite the dumpster fire and we all need to stay home, relax and unwind right nooooooowwwwwww… 😂😍🙌






From November 11 – November 20, there was a 30% sitewide sale going on. Unfortunately you missed it, but you’re not too late to jump into the challenge (see details below)! If you’re not already a member of the Peacock Lounge email list, you can get access to a 15% discount code to help you “improve” your stitchy stash, just click the button below to sign up. 🥰



And whyyyyy should you stock up on patterns right now? Obviously stitching and working with your hands is very relaxing (and stabbing a piece of fabric is not illegal, whereas stabbing other things out of frustration may well be … 😂). This huge of a sale only happens once a year, but as an extra special incentive to take time for yourself and unwind with some stitching (and maybe get some projects done for Christmas presents), there’s a CHALLENGE included in the Stitchaganza event too! 😮😍🤩




From November 16 – 25, the challenge will take place inside the Peacock Lounge Facebook group. Participation is totally optional, but it’s going to be SOOOOO much fun, with daily stitching theme prompts and getting to hang out with lots of other stitchers participating alongside you. You never know, there miiiiight even be surprise prizes (see below) every now and then… 🙌  Each day’s theme will be a surprise, but you juuuust might want to have a variety of projects to play with (of course, you can adapt the daily themes if you like, the prompts are there just to help you experiment and play). You can do every day’s prompt, you can pick and choose, the point is to have oodles and oodles of stabby fun. 😂 The only restriction is that because the challenge is being hosted inside the Peacock Lounge Facebook group, that the patterns used are Peacock & Fig designs (a standing rule inside the group as it is a designer’s group, and not a general public stitchy group). More details and the daily prompts will be posted inside the Facebook group once the challenge starts, but of course you’re free to jump in the group beforehand, introduce yourself and let us know which P&F patterns you have in your stash, and use the hashtag #stitchaganza in your posts so we can find them all easier. 😍






November 11-20 ……………. 30% off sitewide sale using code STITCHAGANZA

November 11-15 ……………. Pre-challenge Facebook group introductions and hangout

November 16-25 ……………. Stitchaganza challenge event, prompts will be posted in the Facebook group daily


The keen eyed among you will have noticed the Stitchaganza challenge ends exactly one month before Christmas Day. That’s intentional, then you still have time to finish up any last-minute projects and get them in the mail in time. 😊🎁


Come grab your patterns (and don’t forget to use STITCHAGANZA on the cart page for your 30% discount), jump on in to the Facebook group, and take some time for yourself to unwind and have some stabby stitchy fun. ❤️




To celebrate the true extravaganza-ish-ness of Stitchaganza, the loooovely people over at Search Press publishing have come up with a special discount, just for the Peacock & Fig community! 🙌


They’re offering a 20% discount and free shipping on any book order through www.searchpressusa.com using the code FIGGYP20 — how cool is that! This will be open from Nov 20 – Dec 4 and is unlimited in the number of times you can use it, it can be used on any book on their site (so if there are other crafts that you love, this is your time). ❤️