• Thank You cross stitch pattern
  • Thank You cross stitch pattern
  • Thank You cross stitch pattern

Thank You Cross Stitch Pattern


Tell those in your life that they matter, that you see them, that you thank them. Whether it’s your child’s teacher, your local shop owner who goes above and beyond, first responders who keep you safe, or the healthcare workers that keep you and your family healthy, they all appreciate a sincere thank you so deeply. This pattern can be adjusted to allow space to add in a name as shown in the images. An alphabet is not included in this pattern, but there are several alphabet charts available to purchase (the Backstitch Alphabets chart in particular would be great for this pattern, as the pattern itself is quite small at 4″ high by 6″ wide on 14 count). This pattern is also perfect for using up bits of leftover floss, as it’s only two sets of colours (a lighter and a darker of each) which can be easily changed to your taste. And because this pattern is smaller, it’s easy to stitch up multiple times, to say thank you to all those in your life who you appreciate so much.


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  • Pattern size: 80 stitches wide x 56 stitches high
  • Finished size: 6″ wide x 4″ high on 14 count
  • Full stitches
  • 4 colours
  • Pattern comes with a full colour key
  • The pattern also comes with a full black and white pattern and a full colour pattern
  • A note is added to the pattern to indicate where to add additional rows if you’d like to add in a name
  • Please note: the pattern does not come with additional fonts to add a name if desired, all the alphabet charts available can be seen here
  • Dozens of tutorial videos available at Peacock & Fig’s YouTube channel or full stitching classes on Skillshare

Please note: This is a digital PDF pattern only, not a printed pattern that will be shipped in the mail. It is not a kit or a finished product. You will be sent a download link when your payment has been processed. Any up-to-date PDF reader (for example Preview on a Mac, GoodReader on iOS, or Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC) will be able to read the patterns, or they can be printed for ease of use.

All cross stitch patterns are copyright Dana Batho and are for personal use only. Reselling or redistributing patterns in any way is prohibited unless prior written consent has been granted by the designer. You are permitted to make a working copy of the pattern to stitch from. Commercial use of the pattern is prohibited. Please see the terms of use for more information, or contact the designer.


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