• She Betta Don't cross stitch pattern
  • She Betta Don't cross stitch pattern
  • She Betta Don't cross stitch pattern
  • She Betta Don't cross stitch pattern
  • She Betta Don't cross stitch pattern
  • She Betta Don't cross stitch pattern

She Betta Don’t Cross Stitch Pattern


If you’ve ever caught yourself slaving away on some completely inane task like sweeping up after the kids for what feels like the fifteenth time that day, and think your life has turned into being the perennial fixer/cleaner/etc of everyone else’s life, stop and take a breath mama. The She Betta Don’t cross stitch pattern is a play on the phrase “oh no she betta don’t” popularized in drag culture, it loosely means “oh no she’d better not [do xyz].” Don’t beat up on yourself for doing what you need to do for yourself and your family, don’t get down or disheartened, and remember that you are a fierce strong woman who rules her world. As the queens would say, “You are sickening mamaaaa,” aka you are the best and you should be proud of yourself. Keep that head held high, and don’t let those daily tasks wear you down. Get out some of those frustrations by stabbing a piece of fabric repeatedly to create the She Betta Don’t cross stitch pattern as a daily reminder to stay fierce.

This pattern is also available in the Get Sampled cross stitch pattern set.

  • Pattern size: 65 stitches wide x 85 stitches high
  • Finished size: 4½” wide x 6″ high on 14 count
  • Full stitches and backstitch
  • 11 colours
  • Pattern comes with a full colour key
  • The pattern also comes with a full black and white pattern and a full colour pattern
  • Model stitched over two on Zweigart 28ct Cashel raw linen (Natural)
  • Recommended minimum hoop size for framing (if stitching on 14 count over one or 28 count over two as the model has been): 8″
  • Dozens of tutorial videos available at Peacock & Fig’s YouTube channel or full stitching classes on Skillshare

Please note: This is a digital PDF pattern only, not a printed pattern that will be shipped in the mail. It is not a kit or a finished product. You will be sent a download link when your payment has been processed. Any up-to-date PDF reader (for example Preview on a Mac, GoodReader on iOS, or Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC) will be able to read the patterns, or they can be printed for ease of use.

All cross stitch patterns are copyright Dana Batho and are for personal use only. Reselling or redistributing patterns in any way is prohibited unless prior written consent has been granted by the designer. You are permitted to make a working copy of the pattern to stitch from. Commercial use of the pattern is prohibited. Please see the terms of use for more information, or contact the designer.


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