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Floss Inventory Tracker

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If you’ve been stitching a while it can be easy to lose track of what floss you have, and which brands. Get organized by tracking your floss inventory with these printable PDF sheets. Includes a full list of DMC six-strand cotton floss, DMC colour substitutions in case you have floss with the old colour numbers, and extra sheets to list brands other than DMC. The DMC inventory sheets include the newly released colours (1-35), and are for the six-strand cotton embroidery floss (they do not list variegated, satin, metallic, or other specialty flosses). More details of what exactly is included is in the “Tracker details” tab below.

And if you need extra organization help, these sheets are also included in the full Stitching Planner. 

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Contents of the stitching planner:

  • DMC floss tracker checklist sheets (six-stranded cotton only, does not include tracker for specialty threads like variegated, satin, or metallics) (x 4)
  • DMC colour substitution sheet (lists old and new colour numbers for six-stranded cotton and DMC metallics) (x 1)
  • Misc floss tracker checklist sheets to track specialty threads and other brands in your stash (x 4)


Additional details:

  • This is not a bound planner book, this is a digital PDF.
  • This planner is created at US letter size, it can be printed at A4 size using the “fit to page” options on your printer.
  • The planner is not a fillable PDF form, it will need to be printed out or used in a PDF reader app to fill it out on your device. Apps like Notability can also be used to mark up the PDF. Please remember to save the document after marking it up if using it digitally or you may lose all the information you entered.
  • You can print this planner in colour or using the black & white settings on your printer.
  • The margins have been designed to be wide enough to allow hole punching without interfering with the content of each page.


Please note: This is a digital PDF printable planner only, not a printed planner that will be shipped in the mail. You will be sent a download link when your payment has been processed. Any up-to-date PDF reader (for example Preview on a Mac, GoodReader on iOS, or Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC) will be able to read the PDF, or it can be printed for ease of use.

All planners and printables are copyright Dana Batho and are for personal use only. Reselling or redistributing printables in any way is prohibited unless prior written consent has been granted by the designer. Commercial use of the printable is prohibited. Please see the terms of use for more information, or contact the designer.

5 reviews for Floss Inventory Tracker

  1. Teresa Soley (verified owner)

    This list helped me get my threads organized but i would like to see it updated with all the retired metallics. I would also like to see all the new numbers added on to it.

    • Dana Batho

      Hi Teresa, I’m glad it helped you! If they’re retired they won’t be in my floss chart (my physical DMC chart I own), which is where all the current floss numbers came from. And it is up to date with all the current flosses, it only contains the regular flosses, not any of the specialty threads like Étoile, Diamant, etc. Ones that you may have that aren’t listed such as retired flosses, different brands, etc can be written down in the blank sections, that’s why there are blank areas. 🙂

  2. Sharon Scott (verified owner)

    Great idea. I’ve already begun using it, and it’s ever so helpful.

    • Dana Batho

      So glad you’re enjoying it Sharon! 🙂

  3. Shel-Leanne Stevely (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for. I love the floral bit in the corner. Currently cataloging all my threads, of which I have tons 🙂 Only wee tiny issue I have found is no space for #797.

    • Dana Batho

      So glad you love the floss tracker Shel-Leanne! And I’m so sorry it’s missing 797, I pulled the list of DMC threads from their site, so I’m not sure why that one got missed (there are I believe 500 colours in their range now). There is extra space for “miscellaneous” threads, so you could always add it there (and add a little note to the side of the main DMC page so you know you have some 797 listed on another page). I’m glad you’re finding it helpful for getting organized though! 🙂

    • Dana Batho

      Hi Shel-Leanne! I just wanted to let you know I updated the floss tracker sheets fixing the error of DMC 797, I’m sending the updated version to you shortly. 🙂

  4. Rachel C (verified owner)

    I only needed the floss tracker – the other things in the project tracker and full stitching planner seemed a bit much for a beginner like me – but I’ve been surprised at how quickly my floss is adding up! This is a GREAT and VERY easy way to keep track of everything, since I don’t really know how to organize it just yet! (And the style is so pretty!)

    I highly recommend it!

    • Dana Batho

      So glad it’s helpful for you Rachel, thanks for your review! 🙂

  5. hwhite00 (verified owner)

    This is a great stitching aid. I will enjoy keeping track of my stitching in it. I wish I had had one years ago…but it is never too late to start. The various pages are helpful, easy to read and understand, and laid out well. It will be a little work to get it started but it will be fun as it is stitching related!!! For anyone who likes to record all your stitching, catalogue your fabrics and threads and keep track of favourite shops etc it is a must. Love it! Helen

    • Dana Batho

      I’m so glad you like it Helen, thanks for your review! 🙂 Just for anyone reading this review, the full stitching planner has the fabric pages, shop pages, etc, the floss inventory tracker is just for your floss stash. 🙂

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