• Custom alphabet cross stitch pattern
  • Custom alphabet cross stitch pattern
  • Custom alphabet cross stitch pattern
  • Custom alphabet cross stitch pattern
  • Adulting 101 cross stitch Alphabet 1
  • Adulting 101 cross stitch Alphabet 2
  • Vintage Sass cross stitch Alphabet 1
  • Vintage Sass cross stitch Alphabet 2
  • Spirited Animals cross stitch Alphabet 3
  • Spirited Animals cross stitch Backstitch Alphabets

Custom Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern

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This custom cross stitch pattern is a PDF pattern and made to order, so you can create your own custom alphabet pattern and express your personality! Please see below for more details, and please read the pattern details before ordering this custom chart.



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To create your customized pattern, upon payment you will be emailed a PDF document. You can also download it directly from your payment confirmation window. This document contains a link to submit the information I will need to create your pattern. The information requested is:

  • Which alphabet you are wanting to use from the shop (you can see all the alphabets available here).
  • Whether or not you are customizing an existing Peacock & Fig pattern. Please note that the Peacock & Fig pattern must be purchased in addition to this customization package. Please purchase the pattern you’d like to adapt either before purchasing this customization package or at the same time.
  • What you want the text to say. Please include the punctuation, capitalization, etc you desire.
  • Whether you want the text centered on the pattern or not.
  • Your name and email address so I can email you the first draft.

**Please note: I cannot create patterns based on copyrighted material such as song lyrics. If you have any questions, please email me before ordering this pattern.

Once you submit this information via the link, I will create one draft pattern of your request, send it to you, and you can give me feedback before the final pattern is created and emailed to you. The first draft will be completed and sent for your approval within 24 hours of the information form being submitted (Monday-Friday PST). One revision is included in the customization fee. You can make as many changes as you like in this revision, but any additional revisions after the changes are made are subject to an extra fee. The custom chart will include a colour preview image, a full chart (in your choice of colour or black & white), and a colour key.

In the form, the font “sizes” are indicated as the number of stitches high for the upper and lowercase letter “a”. Here are the sizes of the current alphabets:

  • Vintage Sass Alphabet 1 (“A” = 16 stitches high, “a” = 8 stitches high)
  • Vintage Sass Alphabet 2 (“A” = 31 stitches high, “a” = 8 stitches high)
  • Spirited Animals Alphabet 3 (small font) (“A” = 8 stitches high, “a” = 5 stitches high)
  • Spirited Animals Alphabet 3 (large font) (“A” = 15 stitches high, “a” = 12 stitches high)
  • Spirited Animals Backstitch Alphabet (top font on chart) (“A” = 7 stitches high, “a” = 4 stitches high)
  • Spirited Animals Backstitch Alphabet (bottom font on chart) (“A” = 6 stitches high, “a” = 3 stitches high)
  • Adulting 101 Alphabet 1 (“A” = 23 stitches high, “a” = 12 stitches high)
  • Adulting 101 Alphabet 2 (“A” = 15 stitches high)


**Please note: changing the alphabet font sizes from the standard patterns is not included in the customization fee, please contact Dana for more information. For more details of the individual alphabets, please look at the listings above.

As this is a custom order, once the customization information is submitted via the linked form, a refund is not available due to the nature of digital patterns.


Please note: This is a digital PDF pattern only, not a printed pattern that will be shipped in the mail. It is not a kit or a finished product. You will be sent a download link when your payment has been processed. Any up-to-date PDF reader (for example Preview on a Mac, GoodReader on iOS, or Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC) will be able to read the patterns, or they can be printed for ease of use.

All cross stitch patterns are copyright Dana Batho and are for personal use only. Reselling or redistributing patterns in any way is prohibited unless prior written consent has been granted by the designer. You are permitted to make a working copy of the pattern to stitch from. Commercial use of the pattern is prohibited. Please see the terms of use for more information, or contact the designer.

3 reviews for Custom Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern

  1. Stephanie Lockhoff (verified owner)

    I wanted a different word for the Vodka pattern (wanted whisky substituted). Dana was quick and knew exactly what I wanted. It was a pleasure communicating with her on this and had my pattern the same day. I cannot wait to stitch the custom version of the pattern.

    • Dana Batho

      So glad you love your pattern Stephanie! I can’t wait to see how it stitches up for you! 🙂

  2. Katie Bee

    Dana was such a pleasure to work with. Super quick at responding and very helpful. She had my custom pattern within minutes.

  3. Laura Bradshaw

    I had a little prayer that I wanted to stitch but wasn’t skilled enough to draft the pattern and text. What a superb experience I had with this vendor! VERY fast comms, always clarified my needs, and the turnaround was extremely fast. VERY pleased!! Just what I wanted!

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