• Cheeky Wee Lass Mega Bundle set
  • Awa an Bile cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Awa an Raffle cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Bassa cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Gypit Hoor cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Pooch Me Hame cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Yer Arse and Parsley cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Yiv a Face cross stitch pattern hoop
  • Awa an bile cellphone wallpaper
  • Awa an Raffle cellphone wallpaper
  • Bassa cellphone wallpaper
  • Gypit Hoor cellphone wallpaper
  • Pooch Me Hame cellphone wallpaper
  • Yer Arse and Parsley cellphone wallpaper
  • Yiv a Face cellphone wallpaper
  • Awa an bile gift tag
  • Awa an raffle gift tag
  • Bassa gift tag
  • Gypit Hoor gift tag
  • Pooch Me Hame gift tag
  • Yer Arse and Parsley gift tag
  • Yiv a face gift tag
  • Awa an bile printable art 8x10 framed
  • Awa an Raffle printable art 8x10 framed
  • Bassa printable art 8x10 framed
  • Gypit Hoor printable art 8x10 framed
  • Pooch Me Hame printable art 8x10 framed
  • Yer Arse and Parsley printable art 8x10 framed
  • Yiv a Face printable art 8x10 framed

Cheeky Wee Lass Collection Mega Bundle


If you must have ALL. THE. THINGS, then this bundle is for you! This bundle includes everything in the Cheeky Wee Lass collection: the seven cross stitch patterns (Awa an Bile, Awa an Raffle Yersel, Bassa, Gypit Hoor, Pooch Me Hame,Β Yer Arse and Parsley, and Yiv a Face), the seven designs of gift tags, fourteen cellphone wallpapers (each of the seven designs with and without a quote), and seven printable art PDFs. How cool is that? That’s 35 items in one set, and the set is priced at more than 30% off the price of buying all the items individually (all the items would be over US $150 total if bought individually). It’s also less than purchasing all the bundled sets of each item together. Please see the “Bundle details” tab for more information. 😊


  • 8″x10″ printable art:
    • Each art print is 8″x10″ if printed at 100%
    • There is a fine line demarcating where 8×10 is around the central image. Your printer may cut this line off depending on the settings, in which case cut your printed art to 8×10 with the image centred
    • Format: PDF
    • Can be printed at home or at a commercial print shop


  • Cellphone wallpapers:
    • Two wallpapers included with each design (one with the quote and one without)
    • Each wallpaper size: 1440px β€ŠΓ—β€Š 2960px
    • Format: JPG
    • Sized to fit longer cellphone models such as the Samsung S8 and iPhone X
    • Minor cropping may occur for other cellphone models like Google Pixel 3, iPhone 8, etc (but won’t affect the legibility of the quotes)


  • Printable gift tags:
    • Each sheet of gift tags is US letter size (8.5″ x 11″) if printed at 100%
    • Format: PDF
    • Each design sheet contains ten gift tags
    • For best results, print onto lightweight card before cutting out
    • Can be printed at home or at a commercial print shop


  • Please note that this bundle of 35 items will be delivered as a zip file. Instructions about how to open the zip file is included with your purchase.

Please note: These are digital PDF patterns and downloadable files only, not printed patterns or physical items that will be shipped in the mail. It is not a kit or a finished product. You will be sent a download link when your payment has been processed. Any up-to-date PDF reader (for example Preview on a Mac, GoodReader on iOS, or Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC) will be able to read the patterns and PDF files, or they can be printed for ease of use.

All cross stitch patterns and products on this site are copyright Dana Batho and are for personal use only. Reselling or redistributing patterns or downloadable products in any way is prohibited unless prior written consent has been granted by the designer. You are permitted to make a working copy of the pattern to stitch from. Commercial use of the pattern or downloadable products is prohibited. Please see the terms of use for more information, or contact the designer.


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