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How to cross stitch instructions
How To Cross Stitch
How To Cross Stitch

A quick how-to PDF of some basic stitches you’ll need in your cross stitch projects.

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Pooch Me Hame cross stitch pattern hoop
Pooch Me Hame cross stitch pattern no text
Pooch Me Hame Cross Stitch Pattern

The vibrant tones and metallic shimmer of the elegant Pooch Me Hame cross stitch pattern hides a little “surprise”… the text. This Jacobean-era inspired pattern is ideal if you love snark but can’t display it at home because of children or parents who might get upset, as it doesn’t resemble English at all. “Pooch me hame” is a Scottish insult, translating to “kiss my a$s.” Of course for entertainment, you could create your own “family-safe” translation, like “I love my family”…. 😂This pattern features Japan Threads as well as beading for a touch of shimmer and shine. If the text isn’t to your taste, you can purchase the custom pattern option and choose a word of your choice to be drafted into the pattern (as shown in the mockup image with the word “Believe”). Or, you could stitch the pattern without the text, there’s an example photograph showing what it looks like without text. And if you’re not sure what Japan Threads are, you can check out this free video tutorial. 😊

This design is also available as a downloadable cellphone wallpaper, printable gift tags, and printable art. They can be purchased individually or as a set, or the Mega Bundle with all downloadable products and all the Cheeky Wee Lass cross stitch patterns is also available. Just the Cheeky Wee Lass cross stitch patterns are also available as a set.

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