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scissor case cross stitch pattern
cross stitch set scissor case fob
Scissor Case Cross Stitch Pattern

Inspired by gorgeous Art Nouveau-era ceramics, this elegantly simple scissor case cross stitch pattern will make your other household scissors jealous. This pattern takes advantage of the beautiful white fabric to create an antique blue and white antique porcelain feel. The pattern (also called a scissor keeper) can be stitched as is for a delicate vintage-inspired scissor case, or bolder colours of fabric or floss would create a more modern edgy look. A deceptively simple combination of back stitch and full cross stitch makes up this classically styled pattern. The pattern comes with full colour photographs and assembly instructions to take you from start to finish, so even a novice stitcher can feel confident they can complete this elegant pattern for themselves. This pattern is available individually or as a set with the matching scissor fob pattern. Protect your embroidery scissors and add a little elegance to your life with this graceful scissor case pattern.

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Scissor fob cross stitch pattern
cross stitch scissor fob front
Scissor Fob Cross Stitch Pattern

Never misplace your embroidery scissors again with this simple but striking scissor fob. This cross stitch pattern is a matching piece to the scissor case, and is also inspired by elegant antique blue and white porcelain from the Art Nouveau era. Whether you hang this fob on your embroidery scissors or on your keys, you can add a little touch of hand stitched elegance to your day. Not only does the fob allow you to easily remove your scissors from the matching scissor case, you can hang them up for easy access. Even pure beginners can complete this little pattern in one evening, and it comes with a full colour pattern as well as photographic stitching and assembly instructions. Dress up your embroidery scissors with this elegantly simple pattern, and never lose them again.

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Wedding Nights marriage cross stitch pattern
Wedding Nights marriage cross stitch pattern
Wedding Nights Cross Stitch Pattern

If you’ve ever wondered what to take to a bridal shower, then maybe this sassy marriage cross stitch pattern will be just what you’re looking for! The Wedding Nights cross stitch pattern features beautiful soft tones of greys, white and baby blue. These pretty tones complement any decor, and the delicate white beading adds a lovely texture to the corset. This pattern features an elegantly sassy phrase, which is guaranteed to generate a laugh. 1577 is one date recorded for corsets starting to be worn as common practice, and they were a feature of extravagant Tudor-era garments. This dainty pattern makes a unique bridal shower or wedding gift, and is perfect for the bride who has everything or is difficult to shop for. Add a little elegant sass to your decor or next gift with the Wedding Nights cross stitch pattern.

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French cross stitch glasses case case shop cross stitch pattern
Sunglass case French cross stitch
French Cross Stitch Glasses Case Pattern

Inspired by antique French letters from the Victorian era, this French cross stitch glasses case will add a refined sophistication to any pair of sunglasses or eye glasses. This elegantly simple pattern stitches up very easily as it is only one colour, so you’ll be showing off your stylish case before you know it. To add a unique antique feel, you can even dye your white fabric in coffee or tea before stitching for that true rustic chic charm. Add that little touch of “je ne sais quoi” to your glasses and your life with this beautifully easy French cross stitch pattern.

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Expansion pack shop geometric cross stitch pattern
Expansion pack geometric cross stitch
Expansion Pack Cross Stitch Pattern

Creating your own unique hand stitched items just got easier! Get your patterned groove on with this geometric cross stitch pattern set! By using this surface pattern expansion pack, you can customize any of your Peacock & Fig items. Do you adore the business card holder but want it in a houndstooth pattern? No problem. Do you wish you could make the glasses case in a plaid-inspired pattern? You’ve got it. With full page patterns of three classic surface patterns — houndstooth, plaid, and mosaic tile — you can customize any of the Peacock & Fig items to suit your decor and your personal sense of style. Instructions are given in the pattern as to how to use each surface pattern with your existing Peacock & Fig pattern. These additional surface patterns are great if you want to make multiple items as gifts for family and friends, and also are fantastic ways to use up all those little bits of leftover floss from other projects. Let your imagination run wild and expand your Adorned Life collection with this geometric cross stitch expansion pack.

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