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Dana Batho, Designer Peacock & FigDana Batho, founder and designer of Peacock & Fig, is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and has designed and exhibited globally for decades. Peacock & Fig started in November 2014 as an art and design blog called Handy Little Gadget.


Today Peacock & Fig offers unique and elegant cross stitch designs and easy-to-follow video tutorials, as well as full stitching classes. Dana has also been recognized for her surface pattern designs and illustration. More information about Dana and testimonials can be seen on her about page.


Dana’s art has been exhibited in three countries (including at the prestigious New Zealand Portrait Gallery), and her designs have been featured in places such as DMC, Cross Stitch Crazy, Just CrossStitch, XStitch Magazine, Sew & So, the Kim Six Fix, Sketch Design Repeat, and Uppercase Magazine. She has also been featured on Hello Giggles and BuzzFeed, and in the podcasts She Percolates, Fiber Talk, and the Unicorn Exchange.


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To connect with Dana simply visit the official contact form on Peacock & Fig.
Social Media Sites @: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @peacockandfig.



Pattern Publications


Featured in Issue 20 “Mystery”


XStitch Magazine


Jun 2022 Issue 20 “Mystery”


Shine On cross stitch pattern hoop
Featured in Issue 19 “Yay”


XStitch Magazine

Shine On

Mar 2022 Issue 19 “Yay”


Featured in Issue 18 “MixTape Vol. 4”


XStitch Magazine

Get Bent

Dec 2021 Issue 18 “MixTape Vol. 4”


Featured in Issue 17 “Adventure”


XStitch Magazine

Adventure for Introverts

Sept Issue 17 “Adventure”


Featured in Issue 16 “Cute”


XStitch Magazine

Don’t Call Me Cute

June 2021 Issue 16 “Cute”


Featured in Issue 15 “The 70’s”


XStitch Magazine

Thrills and Spills

Mar 2021 Issue 15 “The 70’s”


Featured in Issue 14 “MixTape Vol. 3”


XStitch Magazine

Happy Holidays, Deer

Dec 2020 Issue 14 “MixTape Vol. 3”


Featured in Issue 13 “Fortune”


XStitch Magazine

Heart Grows Fonder

Sept 2020 Issue 13 “Fortune”



Face That Cares cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 12 “Noir”


XStitch Magazine

Face That Cares

June 2020 Issue 12 “Noir”


Namaste cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 11 “Namaste”


XStitch Magazine


Mar 2020 Issue 11 “Namaste”


No Words Needed cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 10 “MixTape Vol 2”


XStitch Magazine

No Words Needed

Dec 2019 Issue 10 “MixTape Vol 2”



Memories of Japan cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 9 “Orient”


XStitch Magazine

Memories of Japan

Sept 2019 Issue 9 “Orient”

Lick My Frosting XStitch Mag cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 8 “Munchies”


XStitch Magazine

Lick My Frosting

June 2019 Issue 8 “Munchies”

Paths to Love XStitch Mag cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 7 “Love”


XStitch Magazine

Paths to Love

March 2019 Issue 7 “Love”

Live Free cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 6 “Mixtape #1”


XStitch Magazine

Live Free

Dec 2018 Issue 6 “Mixtape #1”

XStitch Mag Issue 5 Be the villain cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 5 “Heroes and Villains”


XStitch Magazine

Be the Villain

Oct 2018 Issue 5 “Heroes and Villains”

Orangutan Dreams cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 4 “Green”


XStitch Magazine

Orangutan Dreams

June 2018 Issue 4 “Green”

Astrology cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 3 “Space”


XStitch Magazine


March 2018 Issue 3 “Space”

Feel the Groove cross stitch pattern
Featured in Issue 2 “Beats”


XStitch Magazine

Feel the Groove

Dec 2017 Issue 2 “Beats”

As featured in Cross Stitch Crazy Nov 2017
As featured in Cross Stitch Crazy Nov 2017


Cross Stitch Crazy

Poppies in the Wind

Nov 2017 Issue 234

cross stitch notecards issue 232
With Love notecards and gift tags


Cross Stitch Crazy

With Love notecards & gift tags

Sept 2017 Issue 232


Spirited Animals Collection


Cross Stitch Crazy

Spirited Animals Collection

July 2017 Issue 230

Cross Stitch Crazy magazine March 2017
Drink Wine Cross Stitch Pattern Set


Cross Stitch Crazy

Drink Wine Pattern Set

March 2017 Issue 226

Joy Peace Family cross stitch ornament detail


Kindred Stitches Magazine

Joy Peace Family

“Modern Festive Decorating” Issue, December 2016






Adventure for Introverts Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine

Adventure for Introverts featured in “Craft inspired by type & design” article

Oct 2022, Issue 55

Victorian Florals Spoonflower design challenge winners 5th place

Spoonflower Design Challenge (5th place)

Victorian Flowers

Sept 2022


Climbing Vines Spoonflower Design Challenge

Spoonflower Design Challenge

Climbing Vines

August 2020


Surface Designer Spotlight Dana Batho 600px

Sketch Design Repeat 

Surface Designer Spotlight

August 2020


Art Nouveau Crocuses Spoonflower Design Challenge Winner

Spoonflower Design Challenge

Art Nouveau Crocuses

January 2020


Just CrossStitch magazine Peacock & Fig feature

Just CrossStitch (click to read full article)

Designer Feature + Wreath of Blooms pattern

June 2019

Cross Stitch Crazy July 2019 Adulting 101 cross stitch pattern feature

Cross Stitch Crazy

Adulting 101 collection feature

June 2019

British craft awards 2018 runner up

British Craft Awards

First Runner Up – Stitching Blog of the Year

February 2019

Fiber Talk

Podcast & Flosstube Inteview

Oct 2018



Dana Batho meet the designer

Cross Stitch Crazy

Meet the Designer

February 2018, Issue 238

Sarcastic cross stitch pattern feature

The Kim Six Fix

20 Sarcastic Cross Stitch Patterns

20 Oct 2017

13 Offensive Cross Stitches Featuring Animals

14 Oct 2017

e-Veritas - 25281 Dana Batho: Creative thinking for military minds


“25281 Dana Batho: Creative thinking for military minds”

22 Feb 2016

Various sources

Massey Magazine - Dana Batho

Massey Magazine

“A lovely day in Kyoto”

Nov 2006

Stephanie Gray

North Island Gazette - Dana Batho

North Island Gazette

“Island home a retreat for emerging artist”

28 Mar 2001

Angie Poss




Suzy Swede Tees


Suzy Swede tshirt mug collection





  • Fourth Annual Artists with Disabilities Showcase – Greater Victoria Art Gallery – Victoria, BC. 2-3 Dec 2016
  • Third Annual Artists with Disabilities Showcase – Greater Victoria Art Gallery – Victoria, BC. 3 Dec 2015
  • City Hall – Banff, Alberta. 2003.
  • West Vancouver boutique (hand-printed silk scarves). Vancouver, BC. 2001.
  • Just Art (watercolour pencil drawings on plaster). Port McNeill, BC. 2001.
  • Sointula, BC. 2001

New Zealand


Art Portfolio

Designer Headshot

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Dana Batho Designer Peacock & Fig


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