Let's dooo this!

Your creative inspiration awaits ...

So what are some of the fun-filled things you'll get access to when you become a Peacock Lounge member? Glad you asked... 

  • 15% discount code for the Peacock & Fig shop
    • Because duh, OBVIOUSLY yessss you want to save dolla dolla bills.
  • Delightfully fun weekly emails (no shit, really 😂)
    • Seven out of ten subscribers can confirm that P&F emails bring all the boys to the yard.
  • Creative crafty inspiration
    • Have fun, relax, and unwind so you don’t throttle your spouse for forgetting to pick up the milk… again...
  • Home decor inspiration
    • So you can stop looking around your home going “WTF is going on here??”
  • Free crafty shizzle to get you started
    • Because being crafty is what? Fundamental.
  • You too can help smash the patriarchy minimalism/beige walls/overuse of shiplap, one room or crafty project at a time.





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