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Over the years I’ve been asked many times what are my recommended stitching books and materials, as well as what art materials I use, technology, etc. I thought it’d be good to do a post about where to find my … Read More

Embracing change: A new direction for Peacock & Fig
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Recently, I did a survey of my email list, and through the responses I got I saw some themes emerging. So, it seems like “story time” has arrived  — this is going to be a long post but it’s very … Read More

Oil & Acrylic Canvas Paper Review
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Canvas paper is a very interesting substrate that is designed for oil and acrylic paintings, but it’s one that I hadn’t heard about until recently. As may have been obvious in my recent Instagram and Facebook posts, I’ve been experimenting … Read More

Ten things I learned from The 100 Day Project
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Several months ago, I participated in The 100 Day Project (and make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this article for an incredible update on what ended up happening because of it). I’d heard about The … Read More

The (in)accessibility of art retreats
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This has been a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while, and it all finally came bubbling to the surface the last week or so. I’ve been seeing so many amazing posts and articles and emails from fellow artists … Read More

Watercolour and Stitched Greeting Card
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, learn how to combine art materials and stitching to create really pretty custom greeting cards, ornaments, postcards, etc. with this short bonus tutorial for my Skillshare class, Watercolour and Stitching: Create Your Own Paper … Read More

Review: Illustrated Stationery Course by Jessica Roux
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If you’re an artist or creative who’s ever considered selling your own work online, Illustrated Stationery: A Guide to Sell and Market Your Art by Jessica Roux might be just the perfect course for you. It’s hosted on Domestika, which … Read More

Why Instagram might be hurting your art business
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As an artist and designer, for over seven years I have been working on developing my designs, and sharing my work with people who will enjoy it and want to bring it into their homes (whether that’s via stitching patterns … Read More

Book Review: Bead Embroidery Stitches and Techniques by Hazel Blomkamp
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This book review is about Hazel Blompkamp’s newest book (and an online flip book) “Bead Embroidery Stitches and Techniques for Surface Embroidery and Crazy Patchwork.” It’s 180 pages, and covers information about various types of beads, materials, forty bead embroidery … Read More

Book Review: Bitten By Witch Fever by Lucinda Hawksley
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“Bitten by Witch Fever” by Lucinda Hawksley, published by Thames & Hudson (in association with the National Archives) is an absolutely stunning and fascinating book about the history of arsenic used in fabrics and home decor items like wallpaper in … Read More

Domestika Online Art Classes Review
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If you’ve ever seen ads for Domestika classes, whether they be for art, graphic design, crafting, etc, you may have wondered what they’re like. Or maybe you were looking at the page on my site with Domestika classes I’ve taken, … Read More

Book Review: Colour Confidence in Embroidery by Trish Burr
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Colour Confidence in Embroidery by Trish Burr is a lovely book that will help you learn how to use colour effectively in embroidery, such as by using contrast, light, and shadow. And, it will inspire you as well, it’s just … Read More

Book Review: Royal School of Needlework Book of Embroidery
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This book review of the RSN (Royal School of Needlework) Book of Embroidery compendium, published by Search Press, will give you a good idea of the quality and content of the book, as we all know that buying books sight … Read More

The pros and cons of buying cross stitch and hand embroidery kits
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In this short video tutorial I’m going to go over the pros and cons to buying stitching kits, as recently I’ve been asked quite a few times about purchasing kits. You’ll see that there are advantages and disadvantages, no matter … Read More

Book Review: Crewel Intentions by Hazel Blomkamp
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As you can well imagine, I have quite the collection of stitchy and art books, so I thought it’d be helpful if I did a book review of some of my favourites. This review covers “,” and it’s written by … Read More

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