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Meet Peacock & Fig

The one pic of me painting at art school - I really really hated acrylic (and thus painting) while there, and it wasn't until after graduation that I started experimenting with and enjoying working with oils. I still hate acrylics. ;)
The one photo of me painting at art school - I really really hated acrylics (and thus painting) while there, and it wasn't until after graduation that I started experimenting with and enjoying working with oils. I still hate acrylics. 😉

Peacock & Fig is more than just a stitching site -- it’s a place to learn to slow down, to connect with traditional handcrafts, and to have a lot of fun while doing it. With modern life becoming faster-paced and more tech driven, the need to step back and take the time to create something with your own hands becomes more pressing. Cross stitch and hand embroidery aren’t just crafts, they are a moving meditation that both calms and revives you. And if you find a pattern that inspires you with colour or makes your face hurt from laughing so hard, then my work here is done...😂


Why "Peacock & Fig"?

Originally this site was named Handy Little Gadget in honour of my parents - speaking once to my Dad about some creative project my Mum was shoulder deep in (which isn't hard, she's tiny), he offhandedly remarked, "yep, she always was a handy little gadget." That really made me laugh, and years later I've realized how much it applies to myself as well (and of course still to my awesome Mum). However, my designs are vintage-inspired and have an elegant feel, and it was time for the name of the site to match that. I happen to live across the street from a park with wild peacocks, and they are completely nuts but oh-so beautiful. Peacocks are also heavily featured in vintage art and design and their plumage showcase a range of beautiful teals and blues. Figs are a rich deep purple colour on the outside -- purple and teal have featured heavily in my art and design for the past two decades. The tagline "Get stitched" is a cheeky referral to the snarky nature of the majority of my patterns, as well as how much I love to encourage people to get stitchy.


Peacock & Fig Designs

Peacock & Fig designs have been featured in Cross Stitch Crazy, Just CrossStitch, and XStitch Magazine, as well as on DMC.com. The tutorials have also been featured on BuzzFeed and Hello Giggles, and the full classes have even been featured on prominent YouTuber's channels such as Bernadette Banner's. My art has also been featured in the surface design community, from blogs to prominent manufacturers such as Spoonflower. More details about where the designs and tutorials have been featured in the media can be seen on the press page. But what’s most important is what the customers say (or sing, I had one customer write a song about an upcoming pattern which made me cry I laughed so hard...). Kristene says about the “So Much Nope” pattern,

“This is the 3rd pattern I have from her. The instructions are easy to read and the customer service is excellent!”


And from Jo about the “Poppies in the Wind” pattern,

“This is such a beautifully created chart, we lost family members during the wars and in following conflicts, I will be adding family names onto this as a memorial piece. Thank you for such a wonderful and poignant design.”


To see some of the range of patterns and styles on offer, please visit the Peacock & Fig Shop.


Let's go shopping!

Meet Dana

Dana Batho Designer Peacock & Fig
Dana Batho, Designer Peacock & Fig

I personally learned the hard way about the therapeutic benefits of stitching. I am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, and I was hurt during my service as an air force Intelligence Officer. The injury to my neck and shoulders got worse to the point that I couldn’t stay in the career I’d worked so hard for, and I was medically discharged in 2015. As a means to cope with the intense stress of my injury and the upcoming discharge, I started stitching as it was something I could still physically do. I am also a trained artist, and although I couldn’t draw and paint normally anymore because of the injury, I could stitch. I quickly learned how calming stitching was, and how much it was helping me cope. I decided to help others learn the art of stitching via my blog and video tutorials, and in late 2015 I started creating my own designs.


As my designs have evolved, more and more of my snarky and sarcastic humour has crept in, and to my delight they are bringing an incredible variety of (often hilarious) stitchers out of the woodwork. It’s my pleasure to create something that brings joy and humour into someone else’s life, and I hope my designs do that for you.


Dana's Military Service

Below are a few photos of my time in the military. If you'd like to find out more about my story as a military member, you can see me as one of the featured riders in "Warrior Rising," a documentary that was made about the Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride in June 2015. Spoiler alert - in the documentary you'll see my wonderful service dog Coco's ears flying in the wind on the back of my recumbent trike like Batdog. 🙂


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me here. I hope you enjoy the site, and happy stitching!

Dana Batho

Designer, Peacock & Fig



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About Dana
Artist and cross stitch & embroidery designer Dana Batho is inspiring people to get stitched and reconnect with a slower way of living.