Domestika Online Art Classes Review

Domestika Online Art Classes Review

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If you’ve ever seen ads for Domestika classes, whether they be for art, graphic design, crafting, etc, you may have wondered what they’re like. Or maybe you were looking at the page on my site with Domestika classes I’ve taken, and you still had questions. Well luckily for you, I’ve done a quick roundup review video of some of the Domestika art classes I’ve taken. These range in skill level from complete beginner to more intermediate classes, but there really is something for everyone. 😊



To get to the links of each individual class I’m reviewing in this article, head to my Domestika classes page.



And don’t forget you can use the special discount code PEACOCKANDFIG-PROMO10 on Domestika’s site, and get 10% off on top of any existing Domestika offer. 😁



Some of the things I really love about Domestika classes is that the quality is really high, as they’re hand selecting the instructors for each course and creating the actual course in collaboration with the instructor. So that means you’re getting an expert in their topic, and you never have to worry about whether the class is going to be hit or miss. They also cater to a global audience, so the classes are offered in a variety of languages, and also have subtitling in several languages (some classes even have a couple of options for language audio dubbing). I also really like the projects, they’re very helpful to learn the skills, and the instructors always put a ton of resources into each class as well so you can continue your learning and exploration. It’s also nice that you can purchase individual classes, rather than having to pay for a subscription just to access a couple of courses.


And of course, Domestika offers a lot more than just art classes, they also have many embroidery, cross stitch, and craft classes, as well as dozens and dozens of . If you do any of the classes I’d love to see what you get up to, feel free to tag me @peacockandfig if you post on social media. ❤️


Domestika Online Art Classes Review
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Domestika Online Art Classes Review
Choose your own adventure with Domestika art classes, and see some of the classes I've taken in this video review of several types of art classes.
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4 Responses

  1. Lulu
    | Reply

    Domestics has great classes but sadly, they charge different prices for different countries- I’m in australia and we get charged a lot more than the US. It really turns me off taking their classes. They could charge us in USD but they choose to charge us differently, and won’t explain why.

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Are you sure? I’m in Canada, and the pricing in Canadian dollars works out to what it would be if I paid in USD. They’re based in Spain, so it’s possible that local legislation means they have to charge you in the currency you’re living in (or as close as possible). I know with my website my base currency is in USD because my distributors are all in the US and I have to match my pricing with them, and then the other currencies I offer have a changing exchange rate based on the daily rates (I don’t calculate, it’s all done automatically on the back end). You could always email them and ask, their customer support is very good. I do know that Australia has a law that if a company earns a certain amount in Aussie sales, they have to pay Aussie GST — so it’s very possible that the “higher” rate for Australians is actually including that GST in the price. International tax laws and regulations are insanely complex (particularly for online commerce), so it’s very likely something to do with that. I do know they wouldn’t be charging “more” in another currency just because they think they can, it’d be based on exchange rates, tax issues, and other laws that affect their ability to provide service in Australia. 🙂

      • Lulu

        I’m well aware of currency exchange rates and gst. The us$ price flashes up then changed to australian dollars and it’s pretty easy to convert from there.

      • Dana Batho

        Well like I said over a year ago in my last comment, the pricing in CAD $ from US $ is “normal,” aka within the norms of exchange rates. I’m in Canada, and the prices only show to me in CAD, but I know what they are in USD and they’re within the range. If you’re expecting an exact exchange rate based on that day’s rate say at your local bank, it’s not going to happen. That’s not how businesses run, like my site uses software that calculates out a daily average based on the current international rates — so your exact bank may be showing slightly different rates than what my site does. Plus any business may add a bit extra to the exchange rates to cover costs of offering payments in different currencies — it actually does cost money, like people assume it’s all automatic. The banking and accounting end of things isn’t automated, there’s a lot of reconciliation between the exchange rates used in the website vs the rates that say PayPal will charge on the day. That reconciliation costs a lot of money in accounting fees (I know, I pay it every year), and that’s why I dropped several currencies from my website — it was costing me more in the backend than the sales I was making in those currencies. So I dropped the currencies rather than add more to the exchange rate. So I’m not sure why you’re this upset (like a year later upset) over likely a dollar or so in difference between what you think the prices should be and what they are when converted automatically. If you want to do a class, do it. A dollar or whatever difference you think there is shouldn’t be enough to stop anyone, not when the classes are all so reasonably priced in the first place and they’re not hooked into having to pay an annual membership. 😊

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