Fabric size calculation: how much fabric you need for cross stitch

Fabric size calculation: how much fabric you need for cross stitch

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This tutorial shows you how to do the calculations to figure out how much fabric you need for your cross stitch projects. Have no fear, I walk you through the few simple steps, all you’ll need is a pen, a piece of paper, a calculator of some sort, and your pattern. By learning how to do these calculations by hand, never again will you not know which pattern will work on which piece of leftover fabric you have (or that stunning piece of hand-dyed fabric that you absolutely must have)… 😍 You don’t need to be a mathematical genius at all, if you know how to turn on your calculator, you can do this, grasshopper. ❤️



Here are some images featured in the tutorial so you can see them closer:

ABC OMG cross stitch pattern cover screenshot

Above is the pattern cover for the ABC OMG cross stitch pattern, you can see I’ve included the number of stitches and the finished stitched area on the cover.



I also put the same information on each pattern listing, in the “Pattern details” tab.



Above is the top edge of the pattern, it has 33 stitches to the left of the centre (indicated by the black triangle), and 32 to the right (equally 65 stitches across).


Here is the calculation in case you need it:

Fabric size calculation cheat sheet


So what are you waiting for, bust out that calculator and let’s do this. 😊

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