DMC Diamant Metallic Thread Review

DMC Diamant Metallic Thread Review

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If you’ve ever wanted to try the DMC Diamant metallic needlework thread, then this review should help you out! Discussing both DMC Diamant and the new DMC Diamant Grande, learn about the differences between these threads and DMC Light Effects, and Kreinik braid. Not sure whether these metallic threads are easier to use than other metallic threads? Watch the video to find out… 🙂


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DMC Diamant metallic thread characteristics

  • Diamant = 2 strands DMC embroidery floss in diameter (aka equivalent to #4 Kreinik braid)
  • Diamante Grande = double the thickness of Diamant (grande = 6 ply), equivalent to 4 strands of DMC floss or #8 Kreinik braid
  • Colours used in the tutorial:
    • Diamant – D225, D317
    • Light Effects – E168, E3831
    • DMC six-strand embroidery floss – 06, 03
    • Diamant Grande – G317, G225



  • Seems to hold a knot well for anchoring
  • Doesn’t leave bare “core” where needle eye rubs against the floss like DMC Light Effects can
  • Very silky to work with



  • Putting the floss end back into the cut slit at the top of the spool can be tricky depending on the spool
  • Slips out of the needle SLIGHTLY more easily than regular floss
  • Twist doesn’t seem super tight, so individual strands can get “pulled up” as you’re stitching with it, similar to the Light Effects floss. That’s a good sign to cut the thread and start with a new section.


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DMC Diamant Metallic Thread Review
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DMC Diamant Metallic Thread Review
Learn about DMC Diamant and the new DMC Diamant Grande metallic needlework threads, and whether it's easier to work with than other metallic threads.
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Peacock & Fig
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6 Responses

  1. Aki
    | Reply

    Hi Dana,
    I am just beginning to use Metallics, tried it the first time a while ago.
    In the video you used 14ct fabric and one of the hearts was normal thread, correct? with 2strands?
    and compared to this, the Diamonds (3 and 6 ply) with 1strand as it comes from the spool?

    So, if using these Metallics it is recommended to not use more than 1 strand or was it just to show the coverage in comparison?
    because as I tried the 3ply Diamond on 14ct and I didn’t like how the fabric looks through…

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Hi Aki! I’m sorry but I can’t answer your questions beyond what I’ve said in the video — this video is well over three years old so I don’t remember what I used. Just do what looks good to you. ❤️

  2. Julia
    | Reply

    Is the Diamant metallic thread washable and ironable on my Aida 14 cloth?

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      It’s washable, but if you have to iron your piece be careful about any metallics — most stitching metallic isn’t using real metal (thus why it’s washable), it’s made of synthetic polymers that may or may not react badly to heat. Try a little sample first, and never iron directly onto any metallic threads — guard them with a tea towel or a piece of fabric so the iron isn’t touching them directly, and be careful of your heat setting. 😊

  3. Deborah Colbert
    | Reply

    I really enjoyed the metallic thread comparison video. Just beginning to use it so this will be very helpful.

    My favorite pattern so far is the Lord and Lady baby arrival pattern. With the craze of Downton Abbey it is very fitting for those couples that aren’t your typical baby pattern lovers — like my son and his wife! Working on it now …. first grandchild due the 14th!

    I hope I have entered the contest correctly!

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video Deborah! 🙂 To enter the giveaway, you can just copy paste your comment from here onto the comments under the YouTube video itself, you can get to it here — 🙂 I’ll only be randomly selecting from the comments under that video itself, as then they’re all in one place. Good luck! 😀

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