Top ten reasons sarcasm and swearing are good for you

Top ten reasons sarcasm and swearing are good for you

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You’ve likely seen the rise in sarcastic and sweary memes, t-shirts, mugs, and even stitching patterns in the past few years. Although many disagree with swearing for personal or religious reasons, there is an upsurgence in people feeling freer to express themselves more colourfully. Whether via thinly-veiled sarcasm or snarky sweary puns and memes, there really are many reasons why using sarcasm and swearing is good for you (some are even scientifically proven). Looking for a couple of good reasons to tell your friends and family to lighten up and let loose? Or just trying to understand the fascination of “all the kids these days” with sarcasm and swearing? Read on… 😊


Miserable cow funny cross stitch pattern


1. Sarcasm makes you smarter


Because sarcasm (dishing it out and interpreting it) requires critical thinking and works out parts of your brain responsible for interpreting language, recognizing emotions and picking up on social cues, sarcasm actually makes you smarter.

Miserable Cow cross stitch pattern



2. A lack of sarcasm can indicate serious brain and cognitive issues


Deciphering sarcasm gives your brain a workout, and the inability to “catch” it has been used by scientists to recognize early problems in individuals with brain injuries, autism, and dementia.

New Heir baby cross stitch pattern

New Heir cross stitch pattern


Go Pollinate Yourself cross stitch pattern


3. Sarcasm can indicate a higher IQ


Having a dark humour may be a sign of having a higher IQ (as well as indicating less aggressive tendencies overall).

Go Pollinate Yourself cross stitch pattern



4. Sarcasm can liven up daily interactions


Sarcasm can break through the “normal” daily social interactions we’re expected to have, and create a more genuine and less trite encounter.

Sarcasm fun cross stitch pattern

Sarcasm cross stitch pattern


Telescope cross stitch pattern

5. Sarcasm is sexy


Sarcasm can be sexy, as most people want a partner who can make them laugh, be less stressed, and keep them smiling.

Telescope cross stitch pattern



6. Sarcasm makes a great icebreaker


It can make the perfect icebreaker at parties and social events as you’ll stand out from the sea of “Hi nice to meet you, what do you do” (use sarcasm with care, of course).

Garden Hoes hand embroidery pattern

Garden Hoes hand embroidery pattern


Cold Rock mermaid cross stitch pattern


7. Swearing makes you more trustworthy


Swearing among friends can build trust and strengthen bonds (as you know them well enough to know where their boundaries are as to what is acceptable versus offensive). Also, people deem you less likely to lie because you’re not repressing what you’re really thinking by mincing your words.

Cold Rock cross stitch pattern



8. Your ancestors swore up a storm


The “stigma” against women swearing (but not men) started with the 1673 publication of the book “The Ladies Calling,” but up until then many women were praised for their expressive use of language. So toss off your grandmother’s admonishments, and check out this humorous tour of swearing throughout the ages.

Santa's Little Ho cross stitch pattern

Santa's Little Ho cross stitch pattern


Get Ducked subversive cross stitch pattern funny needlepoint


9. Swearing is mentally and physically cathartic


Swearing is cathartic, whether it’s physical or emotional pain you’re experiencing. Swearing deadens pain (thus why you tend to use very colourful language if you smash your thumb with a hammer), it releases adrenaline, and it improves memory. The “softer” versions of swear words such as “fudge” don’t have the same health benefits as their more “taboo” counterparts.

Get Ducked cross stitch pattern



10. Swearing gives you better control over a situation


Swearing allows you to vent anger and frustration in a safe non-violent way, and allows you to take back a sense of power and control over a situation. The Delicate Flower pattern shown was designed to not only be snarky and humorous, but to encourage women to stand up and to declare with vehemence they can be feminine and strong at the same time.

Delicate Flower cross stitch pattern

Delicate Flower cross stitch pattern



So there you have it — combine the therapeutic benefits of stitching with the great emotional and physical benefits of sarcasm and swearing, and you’ll be unstoppable! 😂 And you don’t have to stop there, Peacock & Fig has teamed up with Suzy Swede Tees to bring you many of these designs on t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. You can stitch your snark, wear your snark, drink your snark…. just think of how healthy you’ll be! 😇




Top ten reasons sarcasm and swearing are good for you
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Top ten reasons sarcasm and swearing are good for you
Top ten reasons why sarcasm and swearing is good for you. Learn how getting snarky in cross stitch and embroidery patterns and in life is healthy.
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