Sassy or sweet? Top 10 Valentine’s Day stitching patterns

Sassy or sweet? Top 10 Valentine’s Day stitching patterns

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Are you someone who adores Valentine’s Day? The chocolates, the pink fluffy hearts decorating all the shops, do they make you swoon and look forward to showering your loved ones with affection and special surprises? Or are you someone who’s oh-so-over the whole thing and wish Valentine’s Day would just take a long walk off a short pier? Whether you’re feeling sweet or sassy, there’s a cross stitch or hand embroidery pattern for every mood this Valentine’s Day. We’ll start with the sweet, and work our way to the sassy (and sometimes naughty….). 😉😂


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1. Blackwork Heart Pattern Set

Blackwork of the Heart pattern set

If you’re a sucker for traditional needlework (or you know someone who is), these lovely adaptations of blackwork might be right up your alley. They are shown framed in 4″ hoops, so they make a very sweet gift that won’t take long at all to stitch up, and they feature lovely variegated Sulky Blendables® threads in two weights. The set of three consists of the Blackwork Love, Mosaic Tile, and Converging Love blackwork patterns. There is also a free basic blackwork tutorial available.


2. Let Love Bloom Hand Embroidery Pattern

Let Love Bloom hand embroidery pattern

For hand embroidery lovers, the Let Love Bloom pattern makes a wonderful uplifting gift. The stitches are deceptively simple (even for beginners), and there are free hand embroidery tutorials available here.


3. Royal Couple Cross Stitch Pattern Set

Royal Couple cross stitch gift set

If you’re a fan of glitter, bling, and all things glam, then this couple’s cross stitch pattern set might be just what you’re looking for. Embellished with beads and gorgeous Kreinik metallic thread, the Royal Couple pattern set is a perfect gift for the couple that loves to celebrate their love. The text can also be substituted on each pattern (say for a Queen and Queen set with the two different crowns), or the Queen and King pattern can be purchased separately.


4. Joust Another Anniversary Cross Stitch Pattern

Joust Another Anniversary cross stitch pattern

In case you and your spouse have a cheeky sense of humour, the Joust Another Anniversary pattern is a fun way to celebrate your enduring relationship. This pattern features a few beads in the horses bridles for a little extra glam, and the detailing in the horses and riders is really fun to stitch.


5. Maybe Wine Will Help Cross Stitch Pattern

Maybe Wine Will Help wine cross stitch pattern

For wine-loving couples, the Maybe Wine Will Help pattern is a sassy way to ensure all your relationship problems have a solution. Whether your relationship is going well or not (or you’re single and don’t know whether you care), maybe wine will help….


6. Fresh Out of Fuchsias Hand Embroidery Pattern

Fresh Out of Fuchsias hand embroidery pattern

Speaking of being single, if you’re oh-so over Valentine’s Day and just don’t give a “fuchsia” anymore, this pattern is perfect for you (or for a friend who you know realllllly needs a good laugh). The pretty fun colours add a bit of lightheartedness to the cheeky quote. The Fresh Out of Fuchsias pattern is doable even by hand embroidery beginners, and there are free hand embroidery tutorials available here.


7. Miserable Cow Cross Stitch Pattern

Miserable cow funny cross stitch pattern

In case you’ve crossed over from generally being annoyed at Valentine’s Day to having a full-on hate on for the holiday, maybe the Miserable Cow pattern will help remind you that being cranky just makes your day harder. This pattern would also be a great cheeky gift to your significant other (and it is a great test of your relationship!). 😂


8. So Much Nope Cross Stitch Pattern

So Much Nope vintage cross stitch pattern

Just in case everything pink and red and cute makes you completely insane (whether you’re in a relationship or not), the So Much Nope pattern can express your disdain for Valentine’s Day. This deceptively simple cross stitch pattern only uses three colours, but says oh-so much….


9. Count Me Baby Cross Stitch Pattern

Count me baby sheep cross stitch pattern

In case you’re on the other side of the fence and really like to “celebrate” (**cough cough**) Valentine’s Day with your significant other, the Count Me Baby pattern is a cheeky reminder to make sure to get enough “sleep”… Don’t take a sleeping pill to help you nod off, just do a little counting, all night long.


10. Telescope Cross Stitch Pattern

Telescope cross stitch pattern

For a celebratory Valentine’s Day “experience,” nothing says I love you like a very cheeky innuendo. The Telescope cross stitch pattern (part of the Mermaid Tales set) gets your point across without you having to say a word at all…. ❤️


So no matter where you fall on the scale from 1-10 about your feelings on Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy the day, however you choose to celebrate (or not). 😉

10 Responses

  1. Elizabeth M Krafnick
    | Reply

    Resolution Me: I will not buy any more patterns. (Gets email from Peacock and Fig)
    2023 Post Resolution Me: sign me up for three snarky patterns, please!

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Ahahahaha I hate it when that happens, #sorrynotsorry Elizabeth… 😂 Thanks so much for your order, I hope you enjoy stabbing them repeatedly! 😁❤️

  2. Jan
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m new to this site. It looks like a very good resource for help with cross stitch. That being said…I have a completed project that was framed. When I got it back from the framer’s, it looked fine to me. However, my husband noticed some creasing and sort of puckering . Took it back to the shop and they said it was probably because there was a lot of thread in the back. But I can’t cut this without fear of ruining it ( possible unraveling ). Any suggestions ? All I can think of is to steam iron it. I’ve already dismantled it from the frame in order to hopefully fix this. So I’m kind of starting over with the framing process now. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Hi Jan! If there are tension issues, there’s nothing really you can do about that. If the floss is colourfast, then you could get it wet then stretch it to the right shape and let it dry like that. But honestly, even that might not work, it sucks but I’d just get the framer to frame it again and just leave it as it is. 🙂

  3. Karen Nurczynski
    | Reply

    Hi Dana! Love the blackwork hearts you have here! Have cross stitched for years and have a friend who would like to learn. Is this difficult and would it be a good project for a beginner? It’s beautiful! Thanks! Karen

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Hi Karen! They’re literally just full cross stitch around the border, then backstitch. So I think they’d be good for a beginner, as long as she can figure out how to read the pattern (it depends if she’s ever seen a cross stitch pattern before). I did design them so they’d be simple enough anyone can stitch them, the Converging Love pattern is the most “complex” of the three just because of the density of the blackwork. These patterns feature Sulky Blendables (variegated) thread in two weights, but a similar effect can be done with DMC floss (one strand for the 30 wt Sulky, two strands for the 12 wt Sulky, then about 3 for the doubled strands of 12 wt in some of the patterns). I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Michelle
    | Reply

    So very lovly are the first set of valentines done with embroidery stitching! Wishing, some day, we can get an opportunity to choose embroidery or cross stitching for the patterns.
    Your so talented and have a fantastic sense of style unique to your own!
    Thank you for all your amazing, fun and “snarky” designs!!!!!

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Hi Michelle! They basically are cross stitch — there are full crosses around the border, and the rest is backstitch. That’s it, that’s all there is to these patterns. It’s simply not possible to create such a “lacy” effect with full crosses or without backstitch. Just give one a go, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how easy it is. 🙂

  5. DiEtte Henderson
    | Reply

    This is brilliant!!! Love them all! I think I’ll be sassy with a bit of sweet!

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