Mermaids and mix tapes — Issue 6 of XStitch Mag

Mermaids and mix tapes — Issue 6 of XStitch Mag

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Happy New Year! 2019 is going to be amazing, and to kick it off I’m happy to announce that Issue 6 (the “Mix Tape Vol 1” issue) of XStitch Magazine is now available! One of my cross stitch designs is featured in it, this is the Live Free cross stitch pattern. We all have days where we want to escape from the noise and stress of the world, and mermaids are often seen as a symbol of grace and untamed freedom. Live Free is a reminder to take a deep breath and let the stillness of the ocean depths inspire some peace in your day. This pretty cross stitch pattern features delicate pearlescent white beads, which add a lovely shimmer and texture to the design. Of course they’re optional, and if you’ve never worked with beads before they’re surprisingly easy to use. You can see a full beading tutorial here. The Live Free pattern was inspired by the Mermaid Tales cross stitch pattern set, but this design is obviously more on the inspirational end of the spectrum, and far less snarky than the Mermaid Tales set.


Live Free cross stitch pattern


There are some great designs featured in this edition of XStitch Mag, and if you’ve never bought the magazine before but you love modern cool designs, you’ll likely love the magazine. The Mix Tape issue was a chance for designers to work without a theme, and bring you something they thought stitchers would love. Featured in this issue are a mix of established and up and coming designers, such as Lucie Heaton, Climbing Goat Designs, PixlStitch, Baameow, and the insanely talented Lord Libidan (who designed these amazing cassette tape patterns on plastic canvas). Lord Libidan and I have actually collaborated on a project together, he designed a wonderful sashiko-inspired free biscornu pattern, and I created the tutorial for it.


Lord Libidan mix tape cross stitch pattern


I hope you enjoy this issue, you can order the digital download of the magazine below. Note the site still does say “pre-sales” for now, but it is available for immediate download upon payment.


Buy Issue 6


All photos courtesy of Stacy Grant —


Mermaids and mix tapes -- Issue 6 of XStitch Mag
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Mermaids and mix tapes -- Issue 6 of XStitch Mag
Check out Issue 6 of XStitch Magazine, featuring the Peacock & Fig mermaid cross stitch pattern "Live Free"
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Peacock & Fig
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