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Tips before starting a stitching project

Tips before starting a stitching project

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As a follow up to my last video about bobbin winding, this video goes through a few tips that might make starting a new stitching project easier. Of course this information is more geared towards those who are beginner stitchers, but even more experienced embroiderers might find a few useful tips in the video. As always if you have any genius ideas or tricks that you use, please share them in the comments below or in the comments for the video on my YouTube cross stitch tutorial channel.


Stitching tips in this video:

  • how to use a scrollbar frame for a smaller project
  • a demonstration of the simple wooden legs I made for my scrollbar frame
  • how I hang my floss from my frame
  • how I follow my pattern using a photo on my cellphone
  • not gridding the fabric for a small project
  • a small biscornu needleminder/pincushion project
  • a way to keep your scissors from getting lost
  • a method to keep your orts (thread scraps)


Projects with orts:

  • put them into clear glass Christmas balls and make each project’s “scraps” into its own ornament
  • put the orts between layers of water soluble fabric and overstitch them with a sewing machine – you can make your own delicate funky lace!
  • simply keep them in a tall narrow jar and watch the layers develop as your projects get completed, almost like the rings on a tree growing



Links mentioned in the video:


The loop method tutorial


Free biscornu pincushion pattern and tutorial


Peacock & Fig Shop


Scrollbar frame legs tutorial


How to grid your fabric




Tips before starting a stitching project
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Tips before starting a stitching project
Some ideas to help when starting a new stitching project (embroidery, cross stitch, etc). Keep your floss and tools organized, and more!
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