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Double Running Stitch – Reversible Stitching

Double Running Stitch – Reversible Stitching

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This video tutorial will explain how to do a double running stitch. This stitch is quite handy to know! One is that it is used quite often in blackwork. As I’ve discussed in a few previous posts, I’ve taken an interest in blackwork recently. I think the patterns are really beautiful, and I love how different densities of patterns can create different tones. At some point (possibly for my next pattern release), I will be including some simple blackwork stitching into some of my cross stitch patterns. I’ve never been one to stick 100% to one style of creating art or craft, I think you can get some great effects by mixing techniques.


Another reason you might want to use a double running stitch (also called a Holbein stitch) is if you’re doing outlining of a cross stitch piece. This stitch can replace backstitch to a certain extent – as long as you can come back along the same path you started on, you can use a double running stitch. This is called a “journey” and is shown in more detail in the video. One thing to note with doing a double running stitch though is that you will use almost double the amount of floss than you would if you were doing a “normal” backstitch.


Doing a double running stitch is very simple, and I demonstrate this in a small outline of a heart in the video. You can see with the finished product, the back looks exactly the same as the front (minus the trailing thread as I carried it from one section of the canvas to the next without ending the thread). This might be a useful technique if the back of your piece is going to be shown – a bookmark or hand-towel that won’t be lined, or even a piece in a craft fair that will be judged.


Double Running Stitch Tutorial

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know below!


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You can see my previous video and blog post about doing backstitch here.

Double Running Stitch - Reversible Stitching
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Double Running Stitch - Reversible Stitching
This video tutorial will explain how to do a double running stitch, or Holbein stitch. This stitch can be a reversible stitch in blackwork or cross stitch.
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Peacock & Fig
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