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Organizing your embroidery floss

Organizing your embroidery floss

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One thing I have noticed recently in some of the Facebook cross stitch groups that I belong to is that there are many different ways to organize your embroidery floss. Many people struggle with this, particularly if you’re doing a pattern that requires many colours. I know when I first started cross stitching again I wasn’t sure how to organize my floss so wouldn’t get tangled so I could easily find the colour I needed.


After seeing what others were doing online and doing a little research, I decided to use plastic floss bobbins to organize my floss. Not only are they very durable and quite cheap to buy, they have holes in them so I can hang them from binder rings to organize them. I also have a little plastic box that is designed for them, so I can store leftover wound bobbins later. Because most of the patterns that I design tend to have not too many colours, I can easily hang all of my colours I need from a binder ring, and then attach that around the top scrollbar of my sewing frame. It makes it easy for me to access each colour I need, and it also keeps my floss neat. Other ways of storing your floss are “stitch bows” and individual Ziploc-style baggies.


In this newest video, I show a few different ways to not only organize your floss, but also how to wind your floss onto plastic bobbins by hand. As I stated in the video, there are ways you can do it mechanically such as using a drill or bobbin winder tools. However, for me personally it’s much easier to wind bobbins by hand. If you have dozens of colours to wind I would suggest breaking it into smaller chunks and just doing a few at a time while you’re watching TV or maybe even riding the bus to work. You can even start stitching your project before you have finished winding all of your colours, and just start stitching with some of the colours that you have wound. You can also selectively wind the colours you’ll be using first and leave the rest for later.


I hope you enjoy this video, I’m sure some of the more experienced stitchers will know most of these tips already. If you have any other good tips and tricks that you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below!




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Organizing your embroidery floss
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Organizing your embroidery floss
Different methods to organize your embroidery floss, and how to wind the floss by hand onto plastic bobbins.
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  1. Maria
    | Reply

    Ahahahahaha- your comment about avoiding stretching your floss onto the floor if you have cats as they would see it as the latest cat entertainment you provide for their enjoyment. As I watched the video my tortie cat was attacking the floss winding and floss on the iPad screen. Thanks for the helpful video Tutorial and for entertains my cat)!!!!

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Ahahaha you’re very welcome Maria, anytime. 😀

  2. Sue
    | Reply

    I suggest that you use a thinner tipped pen to write the number on your bobbin, or, even better cut up the label of the skein of thread and sellotape it to the bobbin.

    As I wind my bobbins, I put the skein over my wrist, and this helps to avoid tangles.

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Hi Sue, thanks for your comment! I actually did end up digging out a finer tipped pen later, that works well. I have tried taping on the floss labels, but to see the number I have to cut it out and then the tape ends up almost covering the slots where the thread goes. Writing the numbers on is way faster for me, I can’t look down for long because of my neck injury, so playing with tape and labels actually hurts me after a while. 🙂 And I sometimes put the skein over my wrist too as I’m winding, it depends on my mood. 😀 Happy stitching! 🙂

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