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Turning art into cross stitch patterns using MacStitch

Turning art into cross stitch patterns using MacStitch

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This week I found out that more people than I realized were viewing and subscribing to my YouTube cross stitch instructional videos, which is great! As a result, I thought I’d make a video of how I started designing my cross stitch patterns using my artwork. So far I’ve done four patterns on my own – three smaller pieces and I’m currently working on my big Michelangelo piece. In the video you’ll see that I did my first pattern ever by hand (which took forever but was well worth the effort). That was an interesting learning experience, and it spurred me to get more into the craft and find a better way to design the patterns from my art. That’s when I switched to using the MacStitch software I’ve written about before (here and here), and the results have been great.


As I said in the video, I’m not getting anything from Ursa Software (the makers of MacStitch and WinStitch) by talking about the software, I’ve just found it really useful so I know others will as well. In the next video I’ll film instructions about how to use some of the features of MacStitch (well, the ones I consistently use anyway, some I haven’t used at all). Below the video is a list of links of articles and such I discuss in the video, they’re the same ones that are in the video’s description on YouTube. I hope you enjoy the video and seeing how I’ve come to where I’m at today in my design journey. If you have any questions please feel free to post below! 🙂




Links mentioned in the video


Ursa Software (MacStitch, WinStitch, Cross Stitch 2 Go)


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Rear leg design for scrollbar sewing frame

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Turning art into cross stitch patterns using MacStitch
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Turning art into cross stitch patterns using MacStitch
How I started designing my own cross stitch patterns using my art, first by hand and then with MacStitch cross stitch software.
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