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Welcome to my art gallery!


These images are spanning the last two decades or so of my work, and show some of the variety of media that I’ve explored. I’m heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance and Ancient Greece, and some pieces are my own versions of Michelangelo’s paintings or sculptures. I’ve been obsessed with these classical pieces for over two decades, I find great beauty in the human figure (plus it’s incredibly challenging to draw and paint the human form). Recently I’ve gotten very interested in the beauty of flowers and how delicate they are, as well as drawing inspiration from my four years living in Japan. I love experimenting with different media and different ways to use media – I love combining them in unexpected ways. I’ve experimented with textiles such as machine embroidery, beading, drawing with oil pastels onto fabric, hand-printing my drawings and colour photocopies onto silk scarves, and most recently I’ve ventured into cross stitch. I’ve also done a lot of work with chalk pastels and chalk & charcoal. I only started oil painting after graduating from Whitireia Polytechnic’s art program, which was ironic as I despised working with paint while studying. Recently I’ve moved to creating paintings digitally on my iPad as I can no longer physically draw and paint due to my injury (I can’t move my head or use my arms or shoulders to draw, just my wrists). I will be adding to the gallery from time to time. I will also continue to experiment with different media and ways to combine them (like my current project of transferring some of my drawings and paintings into cross stitch patterns). Of course now I have to work within my physical limitations, but that’s helping spur me to think of new innovative ways to create and use my art. Some of the paintings are available as cross stitch patterns, and they can be seen on my shop page. I welcome feedback and comments on any of my pieces, and I hope you enjoy my gallery! For a list of my exhibitions and media articles about my work, please go here.








Cross Stitch



Other media


A Land Too Young oil pastel 1999 gallery © Dana Batho
A Land Too Young, oil pastel on fabric, 20×47″, 1999 (exhibited at the NZ Portrait Gallery in 2000)



Earth, B&W photograph, 8x10", 1997 © Dana Batho
Earth, B&W photograph, 8×10″, 1997


In Progress


Currently I’m working on some new counted cross stitch designs, below are some “teaser” images. These patterns will be released shortly on my shop page, and will be announced to my mailing list and on my Facebook and Twitter pages.



Dahlia cross stitch pattern preview
Mini preview of the first of several cross stitch pattern series about to be released


Dahlia DMC bouquet of floss © Dana Batho
A bouquet of DMC floss for my Dahlia patterns



4 Responses

  1. Donna
    | Reply

    Hi. I was just surfing Pinterest and came across your Parking Post. Very interesting. I’ve picked up some unfinished cross stitch patterns at Thrift stores and seen the threads hanging out the front and didn’t understand why. Thank you for explaining it. I don’t think your paintings are creepy either. I like your use of warm and cool colors. Keep creating!!! You are very good at it!!!

    • Dana Batho
      | Reply

      Haha thanks very much Donna! I’m glad you figured out what parking was — if you’re finding pieces that are half finished via the parking method, I’m assuming the stitcher just gave up trying to make that technique work for them! Some people really love it, but it’s certainly not for me. 🙂 And thanks very much about my work, I really appreciate it! I’m working on a new collection of patterns now, I can’t wait to release them. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Red Rose
    | Reply

    Sorry to say that but : Your drawings are some how too creepy

    • Dana
      | Reply

      Haha that’s ok Red Rose, you’re entitled to your opinion! 🙂 That’s the wonderful thing about art, there’s something for every person. I will say though, in four decades of work that’s the first time anyone’s used the word “creepy.” I’m curious, what about them don’t you like? Thanks! 🙂

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