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How-to cross stitch instructional videos

How-to cross stitch instructional videos

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Welcome to the beginner cross stitch tutorials! These two videos will help you start with the very basics of learning to cross stitch — the materials you’ll need and how to actually do a cross stitch.


For materials for your first cross stitch project, you’ll need fabric, needles, a hoop or frame, and floss or yarn (and obviously scissors). In the video I explain details of each, and what I personally use for different projects.



This next video will show you how to actually do a cross stitch – if you can count and make an X with thread, you can cross stitch. It’s literally that simple to start. I’m purposely showing viewers the easiest way to start, and I’ll get into more advanced techniques in later videos. I know everyone stitches in a different way, but I know how nice it is to start really simply then build on your knowledge and skills from there. Don’t worry at the beginning stages about if you’re doing things “right,” you will learn more skills as you go and it’s best to start very simply. It’s such a lovely pastime, the motion of stitching is very repetitive and thus it’s almost like a moving meditation.




In the instructions above, I’m showing the Danish method of stitching (going one direction first, then coming back the other way). If you’d like to learn more about this, here isĀ a tutorial andĀ comparison of the Danish method and the English method (doing each stitch individually).


English method versus Danish method


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