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What to do with no printed pattern…

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Cell phone strapped to my sewing frame


Attachment for cell phone holder


Photo of pattern from my computer


I’m not working from home at the moment, so I needed to figure out a way to follow my pattern. I usually upload my pattern to my iPad and use the Cross Stitch to Go app, but I decided to only bring my laptop with me. It’s too hard setting up my laptop everywhere I’m randomly stitching for the next while, and I didn’t print my pattern (didn’t really want to pack around 15 printed pages and try and prop them up somewhere I’d be able to work from). I decided to take a few pics of the first dozen rows of my pattern with my cell phone, and prop the phone up on the bottom bar of my scroll bar. It was working, but my neck was getting sore looking down at my phone. So I used some spare bias tape that was lying around, and made some straps for my phone. I pinned the straps to the top of my piece, and hey presto, instant pattern viewer and I don’t have to look down. As an added bonus my phone is easily accessible in case someone texts or calls me while I’m stitching away. I’d like to make another “harness” out of elastic as I think that might work even better to hold the phone more securely, but for now this is working really well. Handy Little Gadget strikes again. 🙂

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